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A Platform of Cryptocurrency Insurance for risk cover

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing how businesses across all industries operate and serve their customers and insurance is no exception. In recent years, the industry has started to change. We see inspiring stories of technology transforming a given task or function but often these are more anecdotal and piecemeal than part of a larger, coordinated, and strategic vision.

The world economy is littered with miscellaneous cryptocurrencies that fail to deliver on their promises and fiat currencies that are ontrolled by governments for the benefit of themselves. In response to this growing problem, ETHEREUM FIRE INSURANCE ETHEREUM FIRE INSURANCE(ETHFI coin), a cryptocurrency that is initially released 60 percent gold-backed coin, is completely decentralized, and is free from manipulation by any single entity.

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Total Token for ICO: 25,000,000
1 ETHFI = 0.23 USD
Sale Start Time :

Sale End Time : 30 June 2020: 08.00PM GMT

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Total Supply

Total Supply : 50,000,000

Circulating Supply : 35,000,000

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Token Symbol : ETHFI

Token Lock 5 Years : 15,000,000

Decimals : 18

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